CINEMASCOPE is the first private initiative in Belarus dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of world cinema classics, art and experimental film works. Member of CICAE (the International Confederation of Art Cinemas), CINEMASCOPE pays special attention to art cinema and presents the whole spectrum of its genres and forms – from low-budget features and festival hits to documentaries, shorts and animation. The initiative organizes premieres of recent art-house films and classical retrospectives, curates thematic programs for cultural venues and city events, commercial brands and NGOs.

Among other activities, CINEMASCOPE has been the founder of KINEMO — the annual international silent film and contemporary music festival in Belarus since 2012. The main mission of KINEMO is to promote and reinterpret silent film classics with the assistance of contemporary music. For several months European guest-artists and Belarusian composers create an original musical accompaniment to the films of the program and present it live as part of musical cinematic performances, that are a symbiosis of a film screening and musical concert. In addition to seasonal outdoor sessions, throughout the year the festival organizes special screenings of silent films with live music at various venues.


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